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The centers during their evolution have achieved different levels of accreditation set forth by the state, purpose being to be able to subsidize the economic income to be able to reach the different requirements at hand. The different accreditations ensure the proper legal functions of each center, the constitutions of the guidelines to follow, the work plans that have been set forth, yearly goal evaluations, financial statements, account statements, accounting, legal books and archive controls. Basically the centers follow and comply with these accreditations:

1. Government Agency (I.A.F.A.)

Alcoholism and Pharmacy Dependency Institute. It ensures that all centers are accredited and are up to code.

2. Ministry of Health

Health Permits.

3. Mixed Institute of Social Help (IMAS)

IBS accreditation. It makes sures all of our recovery centers maintain their non-profit status as well to look over the general assemblies.

4. Costa Rica ‘s Genera General Comptroller office

Makes sure Public Funds are handles properly. Reviews annual budgets.

5. Costa Rica’s Drug Enforcement Institute

Government agency which helps accredited agencies like the ones mention before.