Alcoholism and Drug Adiction

It’s important to know that the pioneers who first started the creation of these centers where people that where members from the A.A groups. There was an increasing demand in the 1980’s of Alcoholics who needed assistance and help in order to stop drinking.


Shortly thereafter an appearance occurred of a variety of different drugs which cause and interesting effect in the country making it very few of the patients recurring to these centers with just an alcohol addiction.


It was during the start of the 2006 year, that the centers started to address the issue of treating other drugs which in turned caused different treatment issues with the problem of getting these residents into AA groups.


This caused for the serving professionals running these centers to start investigating and taking a look a different treatment protocols for addiction of other drugs. Also, it’s important to know that a lot of information came from the A.A program that started in 1935.


In 1958 there was a leaflet that was published called (Other problems than Alcohol) by the publication center of Alcoholics Anonymous which stated:

Maybe there is no worse pain and suffering than other drug addictions , more than anything addictions caused by morphine, heroine and other opiates which cause a great deal of distortion in the patient’s brain with severe withdrawal symptoms. When we compare our experiences alcoholic experience to the symptoms of these other drugs we then tend to not feel so bad. Whatever the case may be, we have seen in AA people that have different addictions recuperate very successfully. We at A.A also have a lot of passion and care about these other addictions that affect individuals in our society. There is a conscious feeling for all those addicts that are trying to resolve their addiction problem or in some sort escape it. The question has been asked by many AA members of what can be done about the seriousness of these addictions and their consequences.


Today all of the centers do understand the need to offer treatment to anyone suffering from any such addiction. A joint effort between all of the treatment staff at our centers continue to find and implement new treatment efforts and techniques so that we can help in general all of those suffering from the disease of addiction.

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