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Social Status

Federación de Hogares Salvando al al Alcohólico de Costa Rica

Goverment Id.


Contact & Communications

Telefax 2245-4343 / 8346-5165 /22454622

Apartado 32-2150 San José, Costa Rica, C.A.

Start of the Centers in C.R.



Central Office: Goicochea Center. Guadalupe, Costa Rica.

Total Land Space (Centers)

23.400 meters

Permanent Comisions

Public Relations and Legal Comisions


Residential - Short Term - Intensive

Type of Service

Non - Profit Association

Internships to Date

63.000 Residents

Demographic Target

Men and Women over 18 nyears of age


213 member with 8 years or recovery

Yearly Internships

2.800 Residents

Target Audience

Anyone living in Costa Rica.

Treatment & Philosophy

12 Steps from AA

Treatment Team

Doctors, Nurses, Psicologists, Counselors

Offered Services

Individual, Group and Terapeutic sessions. Counseling, Continuing aftercare, Social insertion.

Health Coordiantion

C.C.S.S. Clinics and Hospitals

Economic Resources Applied

70 percent


I.A.F.A. (goverment agency). Comptrollers office. Minister of Justice.

Treatment Network Location

Administrative office to the terapeutic communities of Costa Rica and the Association of Drug and Alcohol counseling.