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The Bill Wilson award was approved by the Federation in 2011 and it’s derived from the co founder of A.A. William Griffith Wilson. (1895-1971). He is known in the community as Bill and he is mostly responsible for the A.A recovery program and structure in the A.A groups.

Awards purpose:

To recognize an individual or group whose efforts have achieved the betterment of a center belonging to the Federation measured by their service and commitment.

Yearly Award:

It will be awarded on a yearly basis in December at the end of the year meeting.  


The Federations board of directors will issue invitations to those persons or institutions who meet the criteria to possibly be an award winner. The Federation will make the decision based on merits.


It involves a plaque which emphasizes the effort and service that the individual or group achieved during the period of time. A certification will be issued as well with the Plaque.