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Ever since the Federation was born , it has had a secretarial office. In the year 1998 the center located in Goicochea - Guadalupe took upon the responsability of carrying out all the administrative dutiesfor the Federation. This office has carried out all of the administrative duties for the Federation and has since then set forth and implement all of the norms for all member centers to abide with. Also this office has ensured that all of the legal issues and information from the state are relayed to all the member centers.

Board of Directors

Fidel Ramos Vargas - President
Rafael Gonzales Oconitrillo - Vice President
Jorge A. Acuña Rodríguez - Secretary
Julieta Méndez Román - Pro Secretary
Ricardo Bolaños Rojas - Treasure
Beatriz Arce Campos - Pro Treasure
Olger Morales Vargas - Vocal
Jorge Fernando Mora Calderon - Vocal
Oscar Villalta Carmona - Vocal
Carlos Chavarría Picado - Fiscal


Central offices will respect the self governship of all the center menbers. Central offices will be the source where all member centers get the updated information and relevant matters to and from the state. Also central offices is where all of the annual meetings are held and where all the decisions are made pertaining the centers.


Central Office: Goicoechea Center

Legal Name: Alcoholic Recovery Centers Goicoechea

Address: Alto de Guadalupe, de la Clínica Jerusalén 100 Este, 125 Sureste, carretera a Mozotal.

Phone: 2245-4343 /83465165, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Section: 32-2150 San José, Costa Rica


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