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Public Relations Comision

With the birth of the fedration came the first Public Relation Comision as an aid to the federation. It unified objectives and estrategies on a federal level to all existing member centers.

This comision first ensures a direct contact with the menber centers in regards to center advancements which also have to deal with goverment institutions. This comision channels all of the information back and forth so that all centers are up to date with what the goverment is trying to achieve. The comision also sets forth new ideas and standards for service so that the govenrment in conjuction with the federation, can approve new legislation and projects that benefit society as a whole as well as new residential treatment protocols.

Therte is also a legal affairs comission that since birth has as primary purpose to solidify all of the legal bases of the member centers. It also makes sure that all of the board of directors of each center follow estatues set forth by the federation. It help also the center submitt all legal paperwork from each center to the goverment.

Both the Public Relations commision and the Legal Affairs comission both work hand in hand with the members of the board of directors of the federation. They are 2 stronghold arms which greatly aid and suppoort the federation.