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The majority of the experience and knowledge that is implemented in the member centers comes from the volunteer system and the general overall experience from the centers. But the end of the 1990´s certain aspects atract to influence some of the following events:

A- In 1996 the state and goverment facilitated medical support and social work to the centers.

B- The education and workshop seminars that are held at the university thru the (ACTECR), 2001-2005.

C- Personal acreditations in the druga adiction couseling field thru Terapeutic Communities in Colombia.

D- In 2001 the creation of the Costa Rica National Comission of Alcohol and other Drug Abuse (CRNC). This will shortly be recognized by the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC).

E- The federation in the year 2012 has in its agenda a special seminar that deals with the 12 steps that will associate new visual and group techniques. The counselors will also receive this course and there will be a part specially for them in the addiction treatment aspect.


The federation wants to form professionals in the addiction field. All of these aspects will help the effort during the next years so that there are more working professionals forme thru these workshops and seminars.