Most of the centers over the years have been created in the metropolitan area and the central valley. Several factors have come into place but essentially the economic factor has been the main reason why. There is a big effort from the Federation to expand and create new centers in other provinces where there is a growing demand for help.

Even though Costa Rica is not large in territory, there is little presence yet of centers in distant areas of the metropolitan area, the federation knows the arising dangers in the rural areas and the need to service the needy population with new centers due to the increasing consumption of Alcoholism and drugs in these areas.

We are experiencing big drug trafficking issues near the beachfront towns of Costa Rica making it even more of a necessity for primary care in those areas.

Thru Central Offices and its legal and public relations department we are encouraging the expansion of new centers in these areas.

The federations focused are placed in the north part of the country, the 2 sea ports, the south zone and the peninsula. The government thru the federation will make so that the opening of these centers is subsidized by the state so costs are not too high and the quality of the service and treatment will not be affected.

There are more than 745 A.A groups which will assist the treatment teams in the new centers to come. It will also ensure ties to the communities where the centers are built. The volunteer system from recovering addicts will be an efficient system to make sure that the treatment protocol based on the 12 step matrix is maintain in the new centers.

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