Development Projects

Alongside the Federations norms, which will ensure the quality of the of the services, also existing are several objectives or goals that are in the agenda of the board of directors. These are examined each quarterly meeting for their respective approval. Near future projects which the federation has are as follows:

Halfway Houses

The federation would like to make these houses available to the residents after they finish their treartment at the center . A roof , bed , food and after care meetings will ensure a more successfull reinsertion to the communitty happens. The halfway houses income will come from the residents living at the house that are working. They will contribute a monthly amount to sustain the living expenses. Also the residents can be picked up by AA members at the house so they assist AA meetings. Theses houses are a non profit status.

Womens Center

Costa Rica does not have any specialized centers for the treatment of alcohol or drugadiction for women even tough the effort to create a center startet in 1995. The federation knows to well that a diferent treatment protocol has to be implemented to treat the womens sector.

We know that al least 2% of the population amongst women currently has an alcoholo dependancy. This generates a lot of concerne when you take into consideration the Costa Ricas entire population of 4.5 million people.

The federation and its member centers wants to estimulate the initiative of the creation of women centers in the near future.

New Centers in Rural Areas

The centers where born in 1980 in the capital city of San Jose. They start to replicate in the year 1990. Due to the lack of resources the centers grew in the central valley only. Thru the federation´´s experience as the supervising agency for service and the legal affairs comission, the capacity for new centeers in the rural areas is now not only possible but we see these new centers coming in the near future.

Central Offices

Ever since the Federation was borned, the construcction of Central Offices have been one of the federations main goals. Thru the effort of the exiting centers and the new centers to come plus the additional aid of recovered residents, the legal relations comission and the Federal development plan, Central Offices will be a reality shortly. The central office will have the secretarial staff, communication staff , document center and workshops and seminars.

Financial Aid

Since 2002 the Federation defends the rehabiliatation or treatment as responsability of the state or goverment because its a helth right for the countries citizens. Knowing that the centers that composed the federation are all non profit centers, all aid that is given to the federation will go directly to the residents in each of the centers.

Costa Rica will be strenghten with this treatment protocol due to the fact that the centers will push for all the residents to pick one of the 766 AA groups in Costa Rica so they can continue their recovery. For each $1.00 USD that is invested for treament , the goverment or state stops $7.00 USD for that same person. Source: US studies in 1998.




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