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Alcoholism Genetic Investigations:

The University of Costa Rica along with the Univesity of California Los Angeles and San Francisco are on the third stage of a process that started in Costa Rica in the year 1999 to identity focus points in genes that are asociated with the alcohol substance abuse. In the present these studies count with all the support of all of the member centers that compose the federation as well as the Ethics Comitte in Costa Rica and the United States.


In order to participate in the study, there must be a person who is willing to volunteer. Its a structured interviewed with a health professional that lasts about 3 hours time. The interview is directed to identify past behaviors and emotions about the volunteer which in turn can be associated with their problem of alcohol abuse. This also involves the withdrawal of 40 cc of the patients blood stream for research. Its about the same amount of blood taken in a regular blood exam. The studies also involve getting permission from the patients so that their mom and dad can be interviewed nalso i a different scale. Any men or women that are 18 years or older can participate or become a volunteer with the one common denominator of having had at least one intership at one of the member centers because of alcohol abuse. (They have to have past ties to family in the central valley)

Part of the projects clinical team, composed of psychologists and psychiatrist.

¿Why is this study along with the research so Important?    

1.     In the future these studies could possibly prevent risk situations of people who could progress into alcoholism thus preventing potential people not becoming alcoholis.
2.    It could also help the communities and society further their knowledge about the disease of alcoholism.
3.    It could aid in the further development and research of all the mechanisms the lead to the disease of alcoholism and the disease as a whole.

¿What benefits are reached by participating in the research ?

1.    There are no direct benefits but there is the satisfaction that comes to the individual of having contributed to science.
2.    Any person who wishes to do so can request information in the studies of advancement of the genetic of alcoholism.


For more information, please contact the project office at 506-2511-3191 at the center of Celular and Molecular Investigations or with Julio Bejarano at 506-8720-2669 E- Mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it