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The standard for the centers since their birth in the early 1980¨s has been that of one that calls for at least a 15 day internship period for treatment. Its an intensive and parallel program that focuses on detox and education of the disease of addiction. In an effort to further understand our ruling society we come to see that a more dynamic release is needed after the 15 days are over.

In the past there was a general belief that the family would play a more significant role when the patient was release from initial treatment than what actually has happened to date.

Other important information to add on to the problems at hand is that from 1996 to 1999 there was a huge migration from citizens of Nicaragua to Costa Rica thus creating a higher demand for detox and treatment services amongst the population growth which was unexpected.

This day and age, due the world economic crisis, unemployment has risen to an all time high of 9.0 to 9.8 % which makes it very hard for families to stay a float thus affecting even more so the alcoholic population due to the hardships.

All of this has affected how the family views the problem of addiction or alcoholism. It has created a conscious awareness by families that an alcoholic or an addict should not stay in the household due to the possible consequences. Again this all has to do with many factors but one stands out being that the the vast majority of the female population appeals to the judicial system in order to remove the male addicts from the household.

There is also another problem due to the lack of halfway houses across the country which makes the effort of the centers and their protocols less effective when the is released from treatment and can not go into a support network after they have finished their internship. In of the centers based in the capital city of San Jose , the treatment facilities population has increase to 19% over the average which surely indicates that just not this particulate center but all other centers are in a very tough economic situation to continue their efforts of providing quality treatment and to keep their doors open in ngeneral.

One of the primary focuses of the federation is to reach the help of both national and international resources to set forth a contention program for all those residents that don't have a place to go after treatment. (Halfway Houses).

In light of the at hand issues of the centers not having the resources yet for halfway houses and retention programs, the institutions or centers are prolonging the stay of their residents at the facilities and finding ways to have some sort of prolonged recovery with the residents until other sources are available in the next years to come.