The expansion and development plans on a federal level are results of the quarterly meetings held every year with all the member centers . They are the result of 12 years of experience gathered from these meeting. The federation wants to make sure that all of the plans that are on the agenda are met in a short period of time so new ones can arise. There has beeen a time limit put in place this year for all of the projects that have been approved already by the federation  which is 3 years.

There have been may ideas and plans since 1997. The federation invites any motion, idea or project by any of the member centers to improve any aspects of the centers as a whole. The board of directors makes an evaluation of all the ideas or plans that come across to ensure that such initiatives go in accordance with the norms the federation. The federation also wants to make sure that all of the progress and the advancement of the centers in monitored correctly to ensure it meets all requirements by the state and goverment.
There where 18 specific categories initially that the federation looked for any initiative from a member center from the start. Currently that number has increased to 22 categories and its noted on the 2009-2012 manual.
This manual became a permanent tool in 2011 for the federation. (This manual denotes all the work the federation does on a yearly basis)

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