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One of the stronholds which the Federation has been able to achive with success is the the quarterly meetings with all the menber centers. It is of atmost importance to have these meetings to ensure that all centers get the most recent information available from the govertment and new strategies and benefits that can be used to help the day to day activities of each center.

When the federation was formed in 2001, these meetings started to have a more solid estructure and a better attendance from all the member centers. During the first year of meetings, the federation has achieved overall better educational awareness results to all of the staff members at the centers and also made a lot of progress in regards to treatment enhacement as well.

Needless to say these meetings are of extreme importance to create awareness amongst the centers but also to be able to reach the govement agencies with structure planning. The creation of the Web Site will also help channel a lot of information back and forth between centers, goverment agencies and other institutions.

This year the federattion held its 10th anniversary in the Goicoechea Center in the month of September . This was the first year that the Bill Wilson awards where given to several people who deserve credit for a lot of hard work and sacrifice over the years. The next meeting will be at the endof December.