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Each of the member centers has a treatment protocol that is characterized by the information and knowledge of the disease of adiction (alcohol and other drugs). The focus of he treatment is that the disease is of biologic primary nature and it extends all the way to the psicological behavior of the individual. The terapeutic environment in place and the volunteer system of recovered addicts focuses strongly on these aspects of the disease.


Focus is in 5 different fields of treatment:

1) Emotional: The thought process of the addict is focused alongside the behavior of the individual. (R.E.B.T)

2) Rational: All of the denial mechanisms are studied in the resident as we know that denial is a part of every resident that suffers from the disease.

3) Spiritual: The resident is encouraged to start practicing spiritual principles in their life. The practice of these goealong with the decision the resident has to make in accordance to their life project.

4) Psico-Social: All conditions and contributing factora are analyzed in regards to the social atmosphere in relation to the consumption of the resident.

5) Psico-Terapeutic: the 12 step matix is implemented and analyzed in a group environenmet thus bringing a sense of belonging to each one of the residents. It also takes a close look at the aspects of a relapse.

6) Aftercare: All resident making a succesfull withdrawal from the program are stronly encouraged to participate on the continuing aftercare program meetings which are held each Saturday of the week at each center. At these meetings AA meetings are stronly recomended as part of the recovery plan as well as study and advance groups.