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The member centers have 273 volunteers for the various terapies that are implemented thru the 12 step of AA treatment protocol at the centers. The vast majority of terapies  are group sessions that last a maximun of 2 hours. The volunteers are all recovered AA members with at least 5 years of recovery. 

It´s important to know that none of the volunteers receive any renumeration for the services render to the menber centers. Thru the 12 steps matrix the volunteer receives just as much as he gives to the residents when he or she gives out their life testimony. They set an example for the residents and share their testimony of how they where able to change their life. The basis of this comes from the belief that one alcoholic talking to another has tremendous terapeutic effects. 

Each center depending on their capacity will vary the amount of volunteers they have. Each center has 2 administrators that are on call 24 hours a day who are also recovered AA members. They run the day to day operations of the center as well as give full support to the terapeutic environment in the center. Also, the staff at each one of the menber centers is complemented by professionals like doctors, counselors, social workers and psychologist´s. 

In the year 2009, the OEA-CICAD (organiztion that aids the training of treatment professionals) formed a norm that all member centers needed to adopt in order to insure the quality of the treatment. The volunteer and couseling staff are urge to get  becoming more involved and furthering their education and knowledge. There is another organization called the COCERTRAD (workshop and certification comission) which has very close relationships to the goverment agency (I.A.F.A), the ICD (comission over drugs) and the U.C. R (University of Costa Rica) which is making an effort to get everybody who works at the member centers all the tools necessary and latest advancements to treat the disease of adiction with the residents.

The year 2010 will bring the start of several training seminars and workshops at the university to train over 180 people who will start at a basic level. By the year 2012 these 180 people will enter the second stage of classes along with the working professionals in this sector. This will allow room for the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (USA) to aid on certifying national counselours as possible certified adiction counselours.