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Why help the Centers?

Why is it important to help or give a donation to the Federation?

  1. Your donation or help will go directly to the residents of the centers in form of food, medicines, cleaning supplies, literature, equipment and maintanance. Each center because of its volunteer system for treatment does not represent a cost to the centers.
  2. Each center pays out no more than 30% of its operating budget to administrative staff. (Other organizations will use significant more of their operating budgets for their administrative overhead). We are here to take care of our residents and provide them with the best treatment possible. Our volunteer system in the centers is composed of recovering Alcoholics which took advantage of a life in recovery. This people should off being dead along time ago if they had not made a decision to change their life.Other reccovered alcoholics where the ones to give these volunteers a hand in the past when they first started. We are all survivors of a disease which kills every day. Tomorrow it could be someone in anyones family and we want to be there to help.
  3. 3.The testimonies of the families and residents of each of the centers, the general consent of the the goverment agency (I.A.F.A.), the general comptrollers office of Costa Rica, the general accounting of the centers and the close supervision assures anyone wanting to help in any form that the funds are stictly used for what they are intended to help with which is to help the centers and their residents.

Donations to the Federation?

If you have taken the time to know our future projects such like halfway houses, womens centers, central offices and comissions, please note the Federation has all the paperwork in order to receive help in any form. The board of directors meets once a month and also meets with all member centers 4 times a year. Anyone interested in helping can ask for references at the goverment agency (I.A.F.A.) which has a 31 year old trajectory. We are the largest recovery center network in the country with a well known reputation.

To help or make a donation today please make your conttribution at the following bank:

Banco Nacional de Costa Rica de la Federacion.

Account Number : 100-1-102-000635-0 

Alcoholic Recovery Centers Federation of Costa Rica

If you would like further information on how to contribute please call us immediately at 506-2245-4343 o al 8346 – 5165. You can also e mail ust at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it o This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it